Thy Will Be Done

This song is for everyone who felt they made a decision to go where God was leading, but then confusion came because it didn't (or isn't) going the way you envisioned (or want).

Be encouraged. God sees and hears you. Even if you are confused (like I am), He is still on the throne with a glorious plan. He is wise and faithful. We can trust Him. We must choose to trust Him.

Click here to listen to this music video, if you can't see it.


  1. Wow Selena, I thought fmf was a thing of the past. How have I missed this?

  2. Whoa! Ever had one of those moments when you knew that God was doing something special? Well I am having that exact moment right this very second as I land next to you for FMF!! YESTERDAY, I heard the most beautiful song on the radio... the words resonating on a very personal level. TODAY, I landed in the #76 spot (which is ironically enough the year that I am celebrating in anticipation of my upcoming 40th birthday) and when I see the title of your post... I know. It is the song that I heard yesterday proving once again that God is right here in this moment (with us) reminding us exactly what our song should be.

  3. Great song! I haven't heard it before but I have certainly been in that situation. It's so important to hold on to God's goodness and faithfulness when we are confused or life is not going as we want.

  4. Thank you for sharing this song and your heart! Downloading it now into my iTunes. And thank you for your encouragement and honesty. Blessings!


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