Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Amazing Man

I wasn't READY to do FMF on Friday, but now I am. That's the beauty of spontaneous writing, eh? Click on the button, to learn more about FMF., and maybe you'll do better than I at getting something posted on Fridays. :-)

This past Friday's prompt was: READY


We just finished watching The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Since I groaned at being trapped in a theater seat for the time it took to watch the first movie, I am shocked that I allowed myself to watch this one. But at least I could make tea and snuggle with my husband.

Speaking of my husband, HE is truly amazing. Are you READY to hear just how amazing?

Our Time Warner cable was chewed in half by our neighbor's lawn mower, and we were without any services from Saturday to last night (which is when he discovered what had happened).

After working all day, and then helping to coach our son's baseball team, he went to Radio Shack and picked up some parts to hopefully couple the wire back together. Why? Not because we were dying from lack of tech, but so I wouldn't have to get up early to drive to our church and hop on their wi-fi so our daughter could take her online physical science class.

And it worked! He is amazing...even the service guy who came today to make a more permanently temporary fix (the actual fix will involve digging up our yard from the pole to the house to bury a new line...), even he said he was amazed that what my husband did worked.

He is a brilliant man.

And very tenderhearted.  He cries at movies with me. He let me take our neighbors dog to the vet and pay for a (very expensive) surgery because we couldn't stand to see it suffer.

And he's thoughtful.

I had always wanted to play tennis, for years, but never had a chance. I mentioned it recently when we were walking the track at our local college, so he bought me a racket and some balls for my birthday. And he has played with me several times.

He hides chocolate so that when I am desperate for some, he can whisk out a piece to meet that need.

He rubs my feet (which always hurt), even though he stands on his feet for hours each day while working.

He goes to work faithfully, because he wants to take good care of us. In the sixteen years I've known him, he's only missed work one day. (And he was very sick.)

He is constantly learning things, to keep his mind sharp. Since I've met him, he's learned to play the bagpipes (and he looks great in a kilt), the mandolin, and taught himself the Gaelic language. And he's learned how to brew his own craft beer from scratch, even down to roasting and grinding his own grains.

He tells me he's crazy about me. And that I'm beautiful.

And he makes me laugh. A lot.

He's a deep thinker, and He isn't afraid to love God and let others know it.

I am SO thankful for my amazing man.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Five Minute Friday:: Whisper {link up}

Today is Friday, the fun day when we gather to type out poetry or prose without perturbation. If you want to join in the fun, just click here for more info.

Today's prompt is WHISPER


Sometime we run on fast forward. Well, mostly. And then we wonder why things happen, why we are in the middle of situations that are hard or painful. Usually it is because we are not listening.

Like Elijah who, after kicking it seriously on behalf of God, ran away in fear and was waiting for God to show up. He went through many stormy conditions before He heard God's voice.

"After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper," (1 Kings 19:12 NIV, emphasis mine).

My son learned a lesson in listening to my voice last night. I've asked all of my children to stop biting and crunching on things, since they have sealants on their molars. My big guy was very distressed over the crack he made in his tooth when, goofing around,  he bit down on his spinner toothbrush.

Thankfully, after getting him to rinse with some water, and sending pictures to the dentist, we determined that it is a premolar that needs to come out. Apparently the cracking of them is common when they are being pushed out by permanent teeth.

His response to all this? I don't think I'm going to bite things anymore.

If only we would heed the whisper before it hurts, eh?


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Truly Natural Gas

I was very tired the other night and I was very much looking forward to a good night's sleep.

I guess that was my first mistake.

At 2:00 a.m., I was awakened from deep sleep by the sound of a chair scooting on the floor in the kitchen. I was very confused, as one usually is when awakened from a deep sleep, so I got up and went to the top of the stairs.

I could hear the sounds of the night, and I knew a door was open downstairs. And I was telling myself that maybe someone was breaking into our house (because I usually hear someone going down the steps since they creak and groan), but I wasn't scared. Maybe I was still not fully awake.

Then I saw the outside lights were on, and in the stupidness-of-not-awakeness, I thought, "They turned on our lights when they broke in, why would they do that?" Next, I looked out the window and saw our dog galloping around outside.

I went downstairs, and Kyla was sitting at the table. Kyla doesn't like eggs, but I thought she had put something in the microwave, and I thought it was eggs. Stinky eggs. (Did I mention this was 2:00 a.m.?)

"Are you eating eggs?"

She cocked her head sideways at me like a dog does when you say something like "walk," probably because she knows that I know she loathes eggs.

I walked over to the stovetop to be sure no burners were turned on. Then I went downstairs, and the stinky egg smell was worse, mixed with fumes.  

Natural gas leak?

I walked around and there were pockets of the smell that were stronger. I kept wondering if we were all going to be blown sky high at any minute.

Pondering what we would do with the dog if we all went to a hotel for the night, I finally woke up my husband (who was thankful he was on vacation and didn't have to go to work the next day). I told him I thought we had a natural gas leak.

Well, an hour later, after opening windows and blowing fans, we discovered that it was a natural gas leak, just apparently not the dangerous kind.

Or at least not the house-blowing-up kind of dangerous.

Does she look guilty?

After we got back in bed, I most certainly did take the opportunity to remind my husband whose idea it was to get a dog.

Hopefully, you have rested more soundly this week than I.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday (on Sunday):: Reach {link up}

This is writing for five minutes without worrying what anyone else thinks of your grammar and style. Just get it out there and have fun. This is a safe place to be!

Want to join? Just click the icon above and you'll be take to Kate Motaung's site, the new home to FMF.

This week's prompt is REACH.


The Merriam-Webster online definition of reach is:

"to be able to touch, pick up, or grab (something) by moving or stretching"  

I think that is why God has us reach for Him, why He orchestrates our lives so we have to reach for Him – it gets us moving and stretching. And that is good.

But sometimes it feels bad. Because sometimes we have been stagnant and we have not moved or stretched for so long that we are stiff and it is hard.

And sometimes we have to let go of something in order to have a free hand to take hold of the new thing that God has for us in the reaching. 

And letting go is hard. 
And it hurts.

But just like stretching helps sore muscles, reaching for Him when we hurt is good. 
And it helps.

So I'm reaching and stretching. And (God help me!) I'm leaving the rest to Him.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Book Review: The $50 Home Makeover, by Shaunna West

So I've been piddling around with some paint, which is unlike me.

I'm not normally good at DIY. I guess I can do okay with things, I just lack confidence. And I worry about messing things up.

Enter this lovely book.

Shaunna West has a bunch of fun projects that you can do without breaking the bank, and they are the kinds of things you would be willing to do. Things that would be useful in decorating in almost any style.

So I highly recommend this book for those fearful DIY'ers who are reluctant to try anything new for fear of messing it up. It is worth it!

Here are some things I've worked on lately:

This heart dish was a pale pink, almost white, before I painted it.

 This plastic mirror came from Walmart, and it was all black. My children called it the haunted house mirror, so I hated it. But then I lightly sprayed it with Colonial red paint, and now I love it!

I forgot to take a picture of  this before I painted it, so I took a picture of the back. It's a lovely frame, but it was a blah gray. Now it is pretty! (Can you tell I like the color red?)

 This is my living room coffee table. It is supposed to be wood, but we found out it is fake wood (grrr). So my husband said I could paint it.

I did that before reading Shaunna's book, and I don't like it. Since reading her book, I've learned that bold colors work best on furniture with sharp, clean lines. Pieces like mine are best painted muted colors, such as grays and creams. So yes, I'm going to repaint it.

I found this stool at Goodwill for $10. My husband fixed the top and shored it up for me so it wouldn't wobble anymore. I painted it cream, and I'm having a fellow homeschool mom reupholster the top for me in a pretty red (go figure) print. (Whenever I get around to taking it to her.)

I didn't realize it until after I put it in place that the legs of the stool match the legs of my writing desk. Happy coincidence!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Fill

Here we go again, doing the 5-minute, unfettered, free-writing. And this week we have a new host! Click on the button above to learn more. And then won't you join us?

The prompt is: FILL


There is nothing in this world that can fill me up.
No matter how hard I try, I can't get enough.

When I long, grasp and crave, it just wears me out,
And the frustration inside makes me want to shout.

But there is One I know, The One who pentrates
The deep void inside that makes me ache.

 Each time I go without making Him first,
Of all decisions, that is the worst.

Why do I look everywhere but to Him?
He is the One who can satifsy all my whims.

Because all I need is to stay in His will
And drink from His cup until I have my fill.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Begin {link up}


Today is Friday, the day of free-writing, where we write freely and free from criticism. Only encouragement welcome today!

It is also the last day that Lisa-Jo is hosting this writing flash mob, so make history and join us!

Today's prompt is: BEGIN


How many times have I told myself, "Tomorrow, I will begin again" ?

But then, tomorrow comes and I don't start.

It isn't that I don't want things to happen, to change, to accomplish what I long to do. I just don't do it.

Well, I guess that isn't the whole truth.  Confession:  I lack focus and goals. I'm easily distracted and not highly motivated. I'm a sloppy perfectionist who procrastinates so I can make excuses for things not being done well (if they are done at all). I know better, and this is sinful behavior.

I picked up (yet another) journal in the store yesterday. I bought it not because it is pretty (it is), or because it has that wonderfully soft, antique-yellow lined paper (it does). I bought it because it says this:

"She believed she could so she did."

This felt like a wake-up call to me. A moment where what I knew was true (I am my own worst enemy) slapped me in the face. I was forced, in the middle of Walmart, to acknowledge that I don't believe good things about myself. I expect to fail. Or to at least struggle. At a minimum, to do a poor job.

Without analyzing where all this self-talk comes from, I know that God wants me to stop it.

He wants me to surrender my day to Him. To begin anew. To begin right now.


"The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness," 
(Lamentations 3:22-23, NASB).

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