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Library Before and After (with pictures, yay!)

Several months ago, I posted about our homeschool "library" being gutted to make way for a redo.

The contents of the library were everywhere, and it took much longer than I anticipated for it to be finished again, so I eventually put everything in our basement (where I didn't have to look at it!), which practically killed me going up and down the steps. But I digress...

Anyway, my wonderful, talented husband built some book cases on top of cabinets we ordered, and I got the fabulous job of painting them to match, and after lots of hard teamwork - voilá!

BEFORE (I know...scary)

AFTER (Ahh...)


So, you may ask, where is all your stuff? Well, that was hard. Lots of purging (and crying over the handwriting of littles and where did time go? and schoolbooks we never ended up using (but I kept keeping, just in case...)), and lots of giving away to friends, and the rest of the stuff that doesn't look pretty on a shelf is in the basement.

That's actually a bonus are…

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