Hello! Here's a bit about us:

Our family is living in a big, red farmhouse that we nicknamed "Highland Manor." We are on top of a tall, windy mountain. Very windy. (In fact, the wind is blowing right now . . . )

The Campbell kids are growing before our eyes. Kyla, soon to be eight, will be going into third grade. Iain turned five in March, and he is excited about starting kindergarten. Sara is going to be four in September, and she will be learning right along with Iain. We are a homeschooling family, and learning is an adventure for all of us.

Glen's hobby is playing the bagpipes, and all things Scottish. Selena's hobby (and hopefully her profession, someday!) is writing. Kyla loves butterflies (she has hatched nine Monarchs so far). Iain loves robots, and all boy things. Sara loves baby dolls and the color yellow. We all love the beautiful seasons here in WV, especially from our panoramic viewpoint!

We hope you enjoy our blog. Please don't hesitate to comment on any postings! :)


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