Summer Fun

In May, we took a real vacation for the first time since having children (that's eight years, for those who aren't sure). We took the kids to Idlewild Park and Storybook Forest, and then went to Chuck E Cheese on the way back home. We had fun, in spite of the cool weather--the park wasn't very busy, so we didn't have to wait on rides for long, and we got our food quickly when we were hungry. There's a great gyro place there. I can’t remember the name, but the gyros were delicious. Sara was an adventure girl, and Iain rode some daring rides, too.

Kyla and I opted for the safer things, like standing on the ground, watching and praying.

Last weekend we went to the Ohio River to meet Glen's family for a cookout and some brief fishing. It was very brief for Iain, who accidently threw in his new pole when he was casting.

This weekend, Lord willing, we are traveling to Pittsburgh for--a new car! It is a necessity because the Isuzu dinosaur that Glen has been driving for years is finally extinct. Literally. They aren't making them anymore, and the Monroe shop said it won't pass inspection again. So, we are off to Subaru-land. Glen will be driving a new Subaru Impreza 5-door (the (former)wagon that has been updated for 2008 in a great new cute style). It will be Glen's work car, and he will be able to go faster than 50 mph on the interstate, so he is very excited. And, I'm excited to finally learn how to drive a manual shift.

How about you? Have you done anything fun for vacation? Did you make any new memories? Maybe things haven't gone the way you want them to, or something disappointing happened. Remember to focus on what is important--spending time together and loving each other. All the rest is just details.


  1. re:And, I'm excited to finally learn how to drive a manual shift.

    A Shriver girl that was not raised on a stickshift!
    Didn't think that was possible!
    But don't worry, it's easy as long as you stay away from hillside stop lights, to begin with.
    Practice on an empty lot first.
    It is quite fun. Then you graduate to driving on Boothsville road.
    Then to the open highway, just pretend you are on a raceway,
    first gear, second gear, third gear, fourth, then fifth is a breeze on the interstate:)
    Love Susan


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