That's My Dad

I love this picture. I think it captures Iain's admiration for his daddy so wonderfully.

When we learn about God, we are taught that He is our heavenly father who loves us unconditionally. But when your dad (or your mom) disappoints or hurts you, it can be tough not to associate those feelings with who God is. So, most of us don't approach God with a figurative arm around his neck thinking, "That's my Abba."

I know I struggle with seeing God as eternally wagging a big finger at me, with his eyebrows down (as my kids would say). I know that isn't true, because he can't be disappointed since He knows everything about me. Yet, the struggle continues.

There is a wonderful book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free. One of the lies she covers is: God is just like my father. (That doesn't necessarily apply only to women, of course.) The truth, as Nancy writes, is that God is exactly what He has revealed Himself as in the Bible. And, He is much more wise and loving than an earthly father (or mother) can be--even if your earthly dad or mom seemed perfect.

So, God's love and acceptance of me, and God not being like my dad (or my mom, or my husband), are some things that I'm trying to let sink into my mind and my heart.