Good coming from bad...

God is Faithful. He proves this in amazing ways, and His timing is always perfect. Here is a perfect example--I am musing about good coming from bad, and this blog that I follow has a post about the same topic.

Here's some food for thought from that post:

"Does God have the right to crack the vessel if breaking it is the fastest way to share what He poured into us?

"The question is not "Does He love us?" My life circumstances do not determine that. He is love. Regardless of what happens to me in this life, that is who He is and who He will always be.

"The question is not "Do we have to fake smile through pain?" I don't think so. I've had friends that have buried their children and seen moms fall to cancer 5 weeks after being diagnosed. There are many, many things in this world that suck and will continue to do so. I would never tell friends who experienced tragedies to turn a frown upside down or whitewash the year my whole life fell apart with instant rainbows and fluffy clouds.

"The question is not "If God is supposed to work all things out for the good, why is this situation so painful?" It's His definition of good, not mine, that I must live with. Thankfully, mercifully, beautifully, He doesn't promise to work things out according to my understanding of "good." His good will always exceed mine because He can define "good" across the solar system and I can only define it with what I see with my own eyes.

"The question is not, "Can I trust a God that allows bad things to happen to good people?" Although that's tempting to get stuck on. Sometimes when we say, "How can I serve a God that would allow bad things to happen," we miss what we might be really saying. I think what we mean is, "I could only serve a God that is good or loving according to my own personal definition of what those words mean." But that's kind of terrifying to me. I don't want to worship a God who's power is limited to my ability to understand it or who's goodness is limited to my ability to define it. I get "good" and "bad" wrong all the time."

The above is from "#532 Arguing about why bad things happen to good people" (from Prodigal Jon's blog, "Stuff Christians Like,"