Happy Birthday Iain

Here's our precious son, Iain, at his sixth birthday party. His best friend, Isaac (wearing the orange shirt), is the smiley guy beside Iain. I think Isaac's visit was Iain's favorite present.

Iain loves Bionicle robots and Transformers, and anything else that is mechanical. If he can take it apart or put it together, he loves it. So he surprised me when he chose the Kung Fu Panda birthday cake over something with robots. (He thinks the tigress is "nice.")

Since he was a few months old, Iain has been the master of amazing noises. I can remember how he used to "drive" his green beans around on his highchair tray while making realistic truck sounds. Today his repertoire has increased to include rapid gun fire, explosions, and other sounds of destruction. I guess it is a testosterone thing. But that's good, considering how he is surrounded on a daily basis by his mom and two sisters.

His favorite color is still blue, but he often says it is green because that's Daddy's favorite color. He's excited about spring, and keeps telling his dad that he wants to go golfing. It must be genetic. :)

With Easter approaching, I think of how God gave up his only Son for us when we didn't deserve it (or even care, for that matter). I cannot imagine, loving Iain as much as I do, being willing to give him up for someone who is nice--let alone someone mean or ungrateful. What an amazing gift God has given us.