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“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose,” (Romans 8:28 NASB).

Since the Bible tells me that all things (as opposed to some, or only the things that we like) work together for good, I thought it might help me to list what things are happening in my life right now, in mostly random order:

• Dad has metastatic cancer, he had surgery a week ago for a broken hip, and he’s now in a nursing home.
• My mother is diabetic. She is lonely without my dad at home.
• There is strife between me and my sister.
• I am seeing my husband in a new light, learning to value his opinion more.
• I have a friend who regularly crushes me with her words, but God uses her to pry His way into tight spaces in my heart. Painful, but necessary.
• I have become painfully aware of how much I talk and how little I listen. I am an interrupter whom God is trying to make into a quiet observer. (And this clay has been squawking to The Potter.)
• Our home is on the market now, so the house always has to be show-ready.
• We’ve had seven showings and two offers in one month.
• I’m in limbo—looking at our stuff, I’m not sure what to pack and what to leave out for now.
• I have to completely trust God’s timing with regard to where we’ll go and how we’ll get there when our house sells.
• Glen is working many hours, as usual. He has a secure job.
• Our van is almost ten years old, and it has almost 100,000 miles on it.
• I am taking two online writing courses.
• I teach a Wednesday night class to third grade girls at church.
• I’m trying to read the Bible completely through this year.
• I’m trying to get a solid, light-weight homeschool routine going for the summer months.
• Iain is playing t-ball.
• Kyla is getting ready to start piano lessons (this may wait until fall).
• Lord willing, I do some cardio exercise for at least 60 minutes, six days of the week.
• My sore toe wasn’t broken and has healed quickly.
• We are saving beaucoup food dollars by purchasing Angel Food on a monthly basis.
• My beautiful Campbell kids are all healthy and strong.
• Our dog, Aiken, is twelve, and he has cancer and arthritis in his hips.
• I’m trying to wean myself completely from processed sugar.
• I’m sleeping better and having amazing dreams.

Quite the pot of stew, eh? Now I’m praying for God to help me to see how all of these things fit together for good…


  1. Hello Selena...it's your fellow T-Ball Mom. It has been such a pleasure meeting you and I'm gonna miss the Mom's and kids after next weekend. This post sure makes you sound hard on yourself. I know very little about you but what I see from a new outsider is one fabulous, generous, caring lady that is a great blessing God has given my world.

    Thank you for crossing my path and I hope it continues to cross as life moves on.


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