Our New Address! WHA-HOO!

Today we closed on the loans to sell Highland Manor and to buy our new home at Troy Lane. We are thinking of a new name for that place, but brain power is low these days due to the joyfilled fatigue of moving. And I DO mean JOY-filled! We are over the moon excited and praising God for His faithfulness in answering our prayers. This is an amazing testimony of God's ability to restore what has been lost, as well as how He has taught us MANY lessons that we wouldn't have learned any other way...

Well, we are "camping out" at our new place tonight, so I have to throw some pillows and such into the van and get ready to go over there. Glen is meeting us there when he gets off from work at 9:00, and it is 8:17 now...yikes, have to hustle! :)


  1. I am SOOO happy you got to get in your house before the weekend. That had to be a great camp out.
    I sure do miss chatting with you, hope to see you and the house soon!


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