Misty? Georgia? Bluey?

We traded our old Ford Windstar, "Rosie," in for "cash for clunkers," and got this beautiful new van, complete with leather interior and all kinds of bells and whistles. My husband says it is part of my birthday present. (This has been an amazing birthday. Almost makes it okay that I turned 43 this year.)

Now we need to decide on a name. The color is Ocean Mist Metallic, so Glen says "Misty." Iain and Sara want to call it "Bluey," and Kyla said, "Georgia." I suggested "Misty Georgia Blue," which was met with many loud groans of protest from all three Campbell kids.


  1. Well I love it whatever you name it! Sorry I didn't know your birthday was this time of year. I would've sent you a homemade birthday card, that's one of my pasttimes (like Mother's really have past times). Can't wait to see you!

  2. Love the color. Love your new patio furniture too. I saw that convertible table and was bummed that we had already purchased a fire pit before I had! Very nice.

  3. I thought I was the only "crazy" who named my vehicles! Our van is Bessie and Joel's car is Darth (it's black). Hope your birthday was grand! 43? Really? Hard to believe!


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