More pictures of Sòlas Place

Nothing profound to write with these...just sharing. Here's our dining room with our pretty new drapes. The electrician is coming tomorrow, Lord willing, to put up some new lights inside and out, including a chandelier above this table.

Iain and Sara munchin' on their mac 'n cheese. Kyla has already bolted outside to run around and tell a story.

Some kitchen shots. Our new kitchen will have a similar layout, with the addition of an island. Here's a great table I scored from Goodwill--for only $20! (Thank You, Lord!) It's the same size as our future island will be, so it's a great place-holder. :)

We couldn't decide where a permanent hoop should go, so Glen got this portable one. Everyone has had fun shootin' some hoops (except Sara, who gets frustrated because she can't quite reach it yet).

Here's our patio with my new "birthday" wicker chairs that my sweet husband found at Big Lots. That table (from Wal-Mart) converts to a fire-pit, and we're all excited to try it out and roast some marshmallows.

We love our new home! We feel so blessed.


  1. your house is absolutely gorgeous!!! I loved visiting you the other day! we'll have to get together again really soon! Oh, and your van....I LOVE it!! I love the name too, I think you should keep the name you chose, despite the groans! ;)

  2. The pictures of your house are wonderful! Can't wait to see it in person and try out that fire pit. We have one and rarely use it but they are just so cool to have.

    Great steal with the table, I like it and it's so functional.


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