From Tee-ball to Flag Football

Here I am, the delinquent tee-ball picture poster. Tee-ball was so much fun, even though it was blazing hot (which seems such a distant memory with the cool weather we have now). Iain did a super job with tee-ball!

He was a little nervous at first. When I told him he would be playing tee-ball, he said, "Uh...I'll be in the audience!" But he quickly warmed up to the game, made friends, and proceeded to have a blast playing.

Iain was hoping his tee-ball friends would be on his football team, but that didn't work out. (Mom and Dad miss chatting with tee-ball parents, too.)

Iain doesn't have the same passion for flag football as he did for tee-ball, although he seems to enjoy it once he gets to the field. (Mom doesn't have the same passion for football because half of the games are in Harrison County...last night, all the way to Jane Lew!)

I think because there's so much contact involved with football, it has taken Iain a bit to get used to it. We are so proud of the great job he's doing! His teammates have nicknamed him "The Mean Machine," because he's a tall (and strong!) six year old and he does a great job breaking through the line of defense.


  1. Iain is a mean machine! He went through our line during a scrimmage like he parted the red sea.

    Us parents from Tee-ball miss you and Glen also! We have a great schedule, most games are local and the few distant ones are no further than Clarksburg which is a daily drive for us since we work here.

    Hope to see you and the family soon!

    By the way... I love your birds, even the four legged ones.


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