Random bits of thankfulness . . .

I've been a delinquent blog poster lately, so I'm playing catch-up now.

I'm thankful for our healthy, growing son, Iain.

His fire truck toddler bed was too small a long time ago, so after a frustrated search for a decent solid wood full-size bed for our young man, we temporarily settled on a "blow-up" bed (his term). He is now sleeping much better, since he can stretch out. Daddy is going to make him a bed, now that he has his own wood shop.

(Here he is trying out his new wood planer)


. . . Glen is thankful for his "man-cave"

And I'm thankful for my man, and these beautiful "just because" roses he brought home. :)

I'm also thankful for the privilege of homeschooling our Campbell kids. . .

Dissecting cow eyeballs

Quizmo and dark chocolate-covered plums...adds up to fun!

We cannot be thankful enough for our precious children. . .

Iain's first pizza, made entirely from scratch--and it was delicious!

Iain's card tower

And a couple of his "Bionicle" creations

Our beautiful girls. . .

Kyla and her LPS penguin

Sara and her LPS bunny

Kyla with "Oatmeal," her fish

Kyla with Oatmeal's grave marker. . .

Our whole family is thankful for our basement. Glen put down some foam squares, and the kids love to play in the exercise room now (it is hard to get them to come up to eat breakfast!). Sara is proud of her block tower. (She is also modeling her new Dora pj's.)


  1. It's great to see your update!
    I am thankful to have met the Campbell's, they are a great family and I hope to spend time with them in the year to come.


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