Christmas Decorating

Sara is such a good helper. Here she is buttoning the tree skirt, while offering a completely natural smile for the picture. (That's Kyla's foot making a cameo appearance in the bottom left.)

The Campbell Clan (minus the picture-taker) posing with our living room tree.

Our lovely staircase. I miss our old stone fireplace from long ago, but this is a close second for hanging our stockings.

Our dining room with Christmas placemats before anyone has eaten anything. (This also shows our new drapes and chandelier, both of which have gone up since last picture was posted.)

Here's our family room, which boasts the tree that used to be in the second floor bonus room at the house we just moved from. It feels very cozy having a tree in both rooms. Especially since I can't see the living room from the kitchen.

We feel so incredibly thankful for our new home that God has so graciously blessed up with. It is such a wonderful gift, and we continue to be amazed at how perfectly this house fits us. God gets all the glory for this profound answer to our prayers.


  1. so glad you all are so happy in your new home. looks beautiful...although i am partial to the stone fireplace as well:)


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