Pictures and some Christmas thoughts

A White (close to) Christmas

While it may not last until Christmas day (when it is supposed to rain), we at least feel more festive, now that it seems like December and not early September outside. Our Campbell kids are enjoying their first really big play-worthy snow, sled riding on our hill, making snow angels, and running around in the "winter wonderland" forest (as Kyla calls it).

Snow views from our backyard...

Depending on where you measured, we got from nine to fourteen inches of snow! Glen had to work the day it was pouring snow! (boo!) Thankfully, he got to and from work safely.

These two woodpeckers were very happy that I changed the suet feeder

Happy Birthday!

Glen's birthday was Friday, and I made him his favorite Orange Marmalade Steamed Pudding. It is like a very moist cake, cooked in a water bath in a stock pot. Yummy! I wasn't thinking and I put a candle in it while we ate dinner, and it melted down inside the pudding! We had to cut out the center, but it was still good. :\

Iain loves nutcrackers...

The fire-fighter (as he calls it) was his first, and is still one of his favorites. He also highly esteems the "king" nutcracker, with the red cape.

From long, long ago...

This ornament was given to me (Selena) in 1975, by my (then) neighbor, Mrs. Lois Woods. This was when my family lived in Chester, VA, and I was only nine years old (Kyla's

A Piper Piping...

A co-worker gave this ornament to Glen a few years ago, because of his love of bagpipes.

1998...Our first Christmas together

Our tree is peppered with ornaments now, but our first one was pretty bare. Glen was working on Christmas eve, so I surprised him by decorating a live tree with ten plaid bows (from Big Lots), simmering some wassail and fixing him dinner. After we ate, we went to a candlelight service at his church. Decorating with red plaid bows became our first Christmas tradition. (Hard to believe that was eleven years ago!)


  1. beautiful pictures and i am sure great memories. hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. These are fantastic pictures!

    Your house is so beatifully decorated for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you, Glen, Kyla, Sara, and Iain! Hope to get together with you again real soon.


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