"February Fury" Pictures

The wildlife apparently knew that another storm was coming. Before it hit, we had at least seven deer, two turkeys, two squirrels and a huge flock of various birds milling around in our back yard. The seed and apples we put out were very popular that day.

A row of sweet Campbell kids. This squirrel was so busy gathering seed he did not care who got close to him . . .

. . .although he would have cared, had he known about this hawk who was watching him. Reminds me of how we often forget about our predator (1 Peter 5:8).

Yes, our patio is under there, somewhere..

I was surprised how heavy this last snow was. This tree came down at the edge of our side yard. There are several other trees that fell, or broke off, in the woods behind our home.

The cardinals are so vivid next to the brown and white background of the woods.

These are the left and right views of our street, from our front porch. I am thankful that we live in the city and they plow our street. What a blessing!