My Little Big Girl

Can you see it? It's Sara's first forever-tooth peeking out of the middle of her bottom jaw. She won't turn six until September, so this comes as a surprise to all of us. Sara is ecstatic that she's losing a tooth like her big brother. Mom and Dad don't feel so good about it. Why? you may ask. Well, Sara is the baby of the Campbell Clan. Yes, even at five and a half, she's still our baby. As that sappy P&G commercial that shows all the Olympic athletes as children says, "To their Moms, they'll always be kids," we think of all three of ours as little ones. It's just that Sara is the last birth child that we have, and it is hard to think of her as a big girl.

The last five+ years have went by in the blink of an eye. I wish I'd spent less time stressing over the trials I went through and more time relishing the blessings that God gave me. In fact, Sara's baby days are a blur to me. In the midst of traumatic situations, I neglected to fill out any of her baby book and to regularly rock her and read books to her at bedtime, among other things. I feel like she jumped from 18 months to five years old when I turned my back.

I cannot change what has happened, and I'm feeling weepy tonight or I'd probably not even post all this regret. My main point is to tell everyone to cherish the moments -- even if you feel like they suck and you want to die in the midst of them -- cherish them. Life is full of blessings, some more obvious than others. But, if we look for the good while mired in the bad, we will be well on our way to a shorter list of "if-only's" in old age.


  1. That would be a surprise (and sad thing) Hayden will be six in April and no teeth gone, loose or growing. Maybe that's good and he is still my little baby :-)

  2. That is one thing i'm working on as not let the stress of motherhood hit me but to really enjoy the blessings God has given me. When I see how big Troy is now, it reminds me of how quickly they grow. Fortunately, you still have many many years to shower her with love and make memories with her. :)


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