God's Antibiotic

Just look at that beauty. No, I'm not talking about the pitcher, although I do think it is nice. The garlic is my focus right now. Some of you may know this already, but for those who don't I'm going to expound on the antibiotic virtues of garlic.

I have nothing to say, scientifically, other than it is considered a natural antibiotic. But I can certainly testify to the wondrous results of using garlic in that manner!

Our son, Iain, developed a clogged tear duct within a couple days of birth. His little eye was red and puffy and would crust over when he slept (which was a lot, thankfully). After multiple courses of antibiotics from his pediatrician, the doctor finally decided it was time to run a small probe through his duct to open it. Yikes! As a mom, that horrified me. So, I posted a desperate prayer request to my email list of friends and my dear friend, Kelley, suggested I try garlic. Long story short, just a few drops of garlic water in his eye cleared it right up. When Sara was born she also had a clogged duct, and we followed suit with her, achieving the same success. (If you would like details regarding this procedure, just let me know.)

Once again, garlic has saved the day. Or at least my nose. Yesterday I was so packed full of snot that I couldn't get any air in either nostril. I had that awful vacuum going on when I would drink liquids, and my tongue felt like a sock from all the mouth breathing I was doing. Ugh. So, I called Kelley (again desperate for results) and asked her how to take garlic internally.

Here's what I did: I lined a spoon with a dab of honey, minced a big garlic clove directly on the spoon, covered it with some more honey. Then, with a chaser of juice in hand, I rinsed down (no chewing!) the garlic with the juice. It wasn't as bad as I thought, although the brief moment that the raw garlic touched my tongue was enough to burn slightly (raw garlic is hot!) and give me garlic mouth for a little while. But, it didn't upset my stomach or even make me burp garlic.

My first dose was at noon, and I took two more cloves, three hours apart. I'm excited to report that by eleven last night my nose was starting to open up some and today I am amazingly better. I have no more sinus pressure, and I can breathe through my nose now.

Thank You, God, for providing for our needs in amazing ways!


  1. So is it the large dose that does the trick?

  2. Seems to be. I ate them all day, for good measure, but one dose of the garlic water made a noticeable difference in Iain's eye. Garlic is amazing stuff.


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