It's The Small Things

I did it! I got my hair cut. The beautician colored it all over to lighten it and gave me some highlights. (Sorry, no picture yet because my picture-taker has been sick...Iain makes me look good when he takes my picture). I LOVE my new hair style. Amazing how cutting only six inches off my hair makes such a difference, but my natural curls are more curly and...I feel pretty!

To go with my new 'do, I got some new clothes. I have not seriously shopped for probably twelve years. Yes, I have bought some things, but they have been mostly utilitarian (although I called them "classic" at the time) -- plain tee shirts in black, navy, brown or red; hoodies in fleece or sweater knit (again, plain black, brown or red); basic jeans and sweats. In case it isn't obvious, I wasn't standing out in a crowd. I didn't care, because I preferred to spend money on clothing my children or decorating the house. Or simply to save it. And, keeping my hair long and all one length was another way of saving money, since hairstyles have to been maintained. Mine was definitely low-maintenance--pull into ponytail and go; washing optional.

When I saw myself on that film at church, I was surprised at how bad I looked. Now, this is not self-deprecating talk. Trust me, I looked bad. I was wearing a dark brown tee shirt, a dark gray hoodie sweater, my hair was oily and in my signature ponytail. And, I had a cold so my nose was red and my face was pale, and I sounded raspy. Turning to a friend, who was sitting at the table with me during the dinner, I said, "I look like a meth addict." She chuckled and replied, "No you don't, you have teeth." Somehow, that didn't make me feel better.

I felt convicted of two things about my appearance: 1) I projected an "I don't care" attitude; 2) I wasn't honoring my husband by looking that way.

So, I went to the store and bought some "hip" clothes (much to my oldest daughter's delight), and then got my hair done that weekend. Again, it is amazing how small changes make such a huge difference.

To complement my new outfits, I bought an adorable pair of shoes from Wal-Mart.

Aren't they cute? Too bad they are pure evil. I am not fond of non-leather shoes (sorry all my animal-loving friends). Shoes of man-made material, unless they are flip-flops, usually hurt my feet. This pair was NOT an exception. They felt fine when I tried them on, but my feet were hamburger, almost literally, by the time I got home from church after wearing them. Ugh. I shudder to think of putting them on my feet any more. Again, such a small thing caused me SO much pain.

In thinking of these experiences, I'm reminded of this verse:

"Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that are ruining the vineyards..." (Song of Solomon 2:15).

This verse is talking about how small things can cause ruin. They can also cause joy. But, because they are small, they tend to be easily overlooked. I need to prayerfully seek God for wisdom in rooting out the "small foxes" in my life and to recognize the small joys that are sprinkled throughout my days. And for the strength to resist impulsively buying any more non-leather shoes.