Making Progress

Here is the "skeleton" of the chest of drawers that Glen is building for Iain. After some gluing, fastening and clamping, it now looks more like the finished product (below). This is built like a tank. Heavy as one, too. :)

There's much detail work left to do, and the effort that is put into the sanding and applying of the stain or oil will determine how pretty this piece of furniture will be when it is done. Yet, no matter how pretty it looks, it won't be worth much if it isn't built well--the stress of being used will show up any weaknesses in the craftsmanship.

The same can be said for our relationship with Jesus. We can look and sound pretty by always saying the right scripture or being enthusiastic in our worship at church, or even leading a ministry! But if we are not spending time seeking Him, then our spiritual "bones" will be weak and won't hold up under the stress of trials and unfulfilled expectations. I know, from first-hand experience, that you are only as strong as your relationship with the Lord.

I felt God give me this message today during worship. I receive it as though coming from the Master Craftsman as He explains His work to sand and refine me into the image of Christ:

I am the Great Interrupter come to thwart your plans when they won't take you in the direction I want you to go. Do not despise the change that I bring, the trials that I allow, for I am doing a new thing, a good thing. I know the plans that I have for you and they are bathed in My love.


  1. Selena,
    Thanks for sharing. I felt the need to strengthen my bones today.


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