A New Look

Our Women's Ministry dinner format this year had a panel of women responding to different subjects. Women in the congregation were "polled" via video tape, and the questions were played at the dinner. I was one of the questioners.

Well, after shaming myself on film at church, I went to Fashion Bug yesterday and, thanks to the Lord and some great sales, got some wonderful new clothes. Today, I'm off to the beauty parlor to be delivered from ponytail bondage. Yes, I'm getting my hair highlighted and chopped off. I was anxious last night, but I actually did what the Bible says this time--I prayed! (Yeay me!) And, God, being the faithful God that He is, answered my prayer and gave me wisdom. I found a great hairstyle picture to show my beautician, complete with cut and color, so we aren't just stabbing in the dark of my imagination for the look.

I'll post pictures later!