The Bunny

This is the BEFORE picture. I will spare everyone the AFTER picture, since it is pretty graphic. My morning walk blessed me with this free dissection item. Although it makes me sad when an animal is hit by a car, I couldn't pass this up. It was freshly killed, still intact, and large enough to be able to clearly identify the internal parts, so I carried it home and cut it up for my kids.

Amazing stuff--both this creature that God created, as well as my fortitude in being able to dissect it. If anyone had told me twenty years ago that I'd have three kids (I was supposed to be infertile and I didn't even WANT any kids), would homeschool (yeah, right--I was working on my career at the time) and would be willing to touch a dead rabbit--let alone dissect it for my children--my laughter would have been heard miles away.

God equips those whom He calls. If He is calling you to do something, do not be afraid to trust Him--jump in with both feet! He is faithful...and, oh the blessings of being in His will!


  1. very inspiring, I needed to hear those words today. Thanks Selena. :)


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