I Love Spring

Here's Iain in his Tri-City Electric uniform for C-Ball this year (with a cameo appearance by Yoda). Iain was nervous about the pitching machine, but he is doing a super job hitting and catching. He's also enjoying all the time spent practicing with Dad in the yard.

Iain and Sara were soaking up some vitamin D on one of the cooler sunny days we've recently had.

I love tulips. Glen planted tulips in purple, pink and white (which are tinged with light pink) along the side of our house. He has worked hard to keep the deer away, and with the exception of a few that they munched early one morning, he has had great success. Tulips are my favorite flower, and these are beautiful. We discovered online that deer don't like peppermint oil, so we mixed a small bottle of it into some liquid fence, and that seemed to keep them away. If I were a deer I wouldn't eat them--that stuff smells horrible! Our chocolate lab sniffed it with his cast iron nose and wasn't convinced that it tasted bad--until he actually tasted it. :)

Here are some hot cross buns that Glen made on April 11th, while I was at the hospital with Mom. They were yummy. In fact, three buns and a latté from the hospital café are all that I had to eat that day. Mom came home on Friday, April 16th, and she's had physical therapy three times this past week. She is doing amazingly well. Even her surgeon told me he is surprised at how well she is doing. God is good!