Mom is doing well...

with her new partial hip replacement. When she fell, the neck of her femur broke completely in half, cutting off the blood supply to the ball part of her hip joint. A full hip replacement is the ball and the cuff, but Mom just needed the ball replaced.

When my children and I saw her at the hospital this morning, she was doing well. The therapist had already got her to walk around her bed (which she said hurt) and to the reclining chair. She felt woozy from the pain meds, so we left quickly so she could rest.

Although my children were relieved to see that Grandma was going to be okay, for them the highlight of our hospital visit was the dinner-plate sized cookies they got from the hospital cafe.


  1. I'm SOOO glad to hear your Mother is doing well, I know it will be quite a recovery period but every day moving forward like this much better.

    I'm also glad your kids felt all was well enough to have their sweet tooth :) Gotta love the cookies


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