Zoo Fun

A field trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo is one of the fun "social" things that our homeschool group did recently. The weather was supposed to be crummy, but we had a great day. The intermittent rain showers stopped once we reached the gate, and then it didn't rain again until we were walking to the van. The cloud cover provided a cool day of walking.

Iain wants everyone to know that he is frowning in this picture because his sisters were included.

Lions, a tiger...

and bears...

There's a tube in the water that you can walk through to see the Polar bears when they swim, but it was their feeding time and they were only interested in getting some grub.

Can you find the penguins in this picture beyond the glare of my flash?

The zoo trip was on Glen's day off, and we were glad to have him with us. Especially when it came time to drive home in quitting-time traffic in Pittsburgh!

On the way home, we went to Robinson Town Center and ate at Joe's Crab Shack--yummy! I bought a shirt there that says, "Peace, Love & Kids," and that just about sums up our life right now. :)