We're Gardening Again!

We did plan to start a garden this year, but we ended up with two. The Campbell kids had fun one day in early spring when they took some of the pumpkin seeds from our old harvest-decor pumpkins and planted them. They told me about it, but I didn't think they would grow. I was wrong. If the vines produce, we will have plenty of pumpkins this fall. :)

Glen planted bell peppers, green onions, cabbage and tomatoes in the kids pie-shaped garden. I dumped some honeydew seeds in there and they took root and are sprouting. It appears that the soil is good.

Kyla was thrilled with the sign her daddy made for her garden.

The grown-up's garden only has potatoes and green beans in it, but they are all growing well. And, we've been fortunate not to get attacked by the deer yet. Someone did a little munching on a couple red potato plants but they apparently didn't taste well.

If you look closely on the bank behind this garden, you can see that we also have several raspberry plants and one blueberry plant that we transplanted last year when we moved, and they are all doing well. Although we may not get fruit from them this first year, it is great to see them still alive after that harsh winter.

Kyla got to munch from our garden years ago, but the other two were too young. We are all excited to see things growing, and to get to eat them!