Happy Birthday to Sara Lael!

Our beautiful little girl turned six last Friday (the 17th). It is hard to believe how quickly time has gone since she was born. Sara brings such joy into our lives with her passion for everything she does, and all the wonderful songs she likes to make up and sing to Jesus. She was incredibly excited about her birthday, and she told everyone at homeschool group on Friday that it was her special day.

Here she is cuddling her butterfly doll. She loves dolls and she misses the porcelain-faced Christmas doll that we put away each year after the holidays. So we got her one she can enjoy year-round.

Here's my lovely family posing for a picture with the birthday girl. (Yes, Mom is the one taking the pictures. :) We ate Sara's requested meal -- hotdogs, mac & cheese, corn and broccoli!

Sara thought it was funny that the icing didn't cooperate well when I was making the "y" at the end of "birthday." (I do not pretend to be a good cake decorator, but my kids don't care.)

And here is her giant princess castle balloon that she chose from Wal-Mart. It is bigger than she, and garnered her much attention in Wal-Mart while she carried it around. Of course, that made it easy for her to tell everyone that it was her birthday! :)

Kyla wants everyone to know that she bought Sara some Littlest Pet Shop trading cards with teeniest-tiniest pets, and Iain got her some princess silly bands. I'm proud of how both of them were willing to spend their allowance to buy her some presents without any prompting from Mom or Dad.

We need to make the most of every moment because our kids are growing too quickly!