Our Wonderful LIfe

Well, summer passed so quickly. Another reminder that we need to pause to cherish every day we have, and to let those we love know how much they mean to us.

Speaking of whom I love . . .

Kyla turned ten (yes, 10 years old) in June. It amazes me that it has been that long since we brought our tiny baby home from the hospital. I remember when we first walked in the door and sat her carseat down in the living room floor. Glen just looked at her and said, "What do we do now?" It's amazing that you just "become" parents, without any formal training. (sigh) Right after he said that, our cat walked up and sniffed her and then hissed and ran away. That was the first time it hit me that things were very different now.

Iain was recently gifted with an abundance of Legos . . . more than the sands of the sea. At least it seems that way, when I try to get all the little pieces picked up for vacuuming. :)

Yes, Sara does get away with much more than she should, because she is so cute. Can you believe she will be six years old in a few days? My, where does the time go?

Sara wanted this microphone, which she got for her birthday last year, because she LOVES to sing songs. I especially enjoy "Mommy and Daddy Loves Me Very Much," which she used to sing when she was younger, and all of her "Holy One" songs that she makes up about Jesus.

And here is a picture of our beautiful safety fence that Glen put up on our basement-entry retaining wall. He formed up the concrete cap and then he and a friend (thank you, Scott Morris) wheeled the concrete over from the truck and got it all smoothed out. It looks great, and I feel so much better not having to worry about anyone accidentally taking a swan dive over the edge of the wall.