Fall Update on Campbell Kids

Since we homeschool and I like to preserve my sanity as best as I can, we have only one child in a sport at a time. Last fall, Iain played flag football, so this year is Sara's turn. She waffled back and forth in desire to play, but now that she's doing it she loves it. She says, "Soccer is my favorite sport in the whole world!"

Marty Carpenter is her coach. Sara was nervous her first time at practice, but Marty has a kind and encouraging demeanor and she bonded with him quickly.

Sara is a self-proclaimed "super-fast runner," and she was laughing about making the boys play with a pink soccer ball. (Whoever won the relay during practice got to use their ball for some drills.) They were holding onto her to try to keep her from running so fast, but it didn't work. :)

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since my baby Kyla was born. I remember needing smelling salts the first time she got a shot. I almost needed them at Wal-Mart the other day, when she got her ears pierced...

She's so beautiful...growing into a young lady.

And here's Iain with his favorite Lego guy. He enjoys playing with his Legos....but not so much picking them up. Anyone have a suggestion for controlling the sprawl (aside from getting rid of them, of course)?


  1. love the mum picture, funny to see marty on your blog..he and his wife are in our small group..we love them both! and on the lego's...if my boys have issues cleaning stuff up..if he knows he is supposed to clean them up and doesnt...just clean them up yourself and put them away for a week. i figure next time he would remember;) reality discipline is awesome.

  2. Marty is a FANTASTIC guy! He was one of the "dad's" on our T-Ball team this year and he stepped in to help coach on the field when we were short. He has great patience and I see why Sara would bond with him.

    Our kids do grow up WAY to quickly and time just won't slow down enough so we can enjoy it a little more. Even having only one sport keeps us parents on our toes!

    Hope you are all doing great, we miss you and this fall/winter when things are calmer we WILL get together. Here's love to you and the family!


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