"Campfire" Fun

We had a wonderful weekend. Glen was off, and we had a fire in our fire-pit table Friday and Saturday nights. The nights were clear and starry, and the temperature was the perfect coolness for a roaring fire. And we made s'mores, of course.

As the evening passed, the Campbell kids started acting goofy. When I get tired, I get quiet. When our kids get tired, they get goofy. And loud. We had to shush them because we live in a valley that is like a bowl, and the echos are amazing. We can hear telephone conversations that our neighbors are having outside. So we kept shushing them. But they were tired. And they were determined to be loud.

Iain is proud of his flaming marshmallow.

We are so thankful for our wonderful home that God has blessed us with, and our cute kids we get to raise.


  1. This looks like a ton of fun! We haven't used our fire table in a long time. This is perfect temps for contained fires!


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