A Taste of Fall

My husband made Alton Brown's Atomic Apples for me (minus the atomic 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, thankfully). They were SO yummy. Quite cinnamon-spicy without the added pepper (which a reviewer of that recipe said makes them taste like atomic fireballs). (Sorry I don't have a picture of the apples. We WILL make more, though. :)

After eating the apples, Glen was inspired to make candied butter rum pears --

Isn't that pretty?

And it tastes pretty good, too. :) Using Alton's recipe, he substituted 6 small, mostly firm pears for the apples, and butter rum oil for the cinnamon oil, and yellow food coloring for the red. The apples are still my favorite, but these are a firm second. :)


  1. The pears look fabulous! I love the taste of butter rum so can only imagine how good they were over pears. Great job Glen!

  2. see..now thats the kind of thing i would buy..but dont have time to make;) good job! looks delicious. and even more impressed glen made them!


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