The Thankful Box

In honor of Thanksgiving, we started a thankful box this year:

Using index cards, we wrote our names on the top line, and then wrote something we are thankful for.

Here's a sample of things we were thankful for:

Daddy -- our family

Mommy -- being married to Daddy, being able to stay home with our Campbell kids (and to homeschool)

Kyla -- our family and her Littlest Pet Shop toys

Iain -- our family, and for having clean water, and birds

Sara -- our family and for trees (how they turn colors in fall)

We started this back in late September/early October (when we put up our harvest decor), so the excitement of filling it up dwindled after a couple of weeks. I'll probably start it in November next year.

We hope that everyone reading this enjoyed good food and good company, and had a safe and peaceful holiday. I pray that God comforts everyone who spent this holiday for the first time without a loved one, or who feels the loss of someone dear. This was my second Thanksgiving without my dad, and his presence was missed. My mother ate dinner with us, and all she talked about was Dad. I am thankful that I live close enough for her to come to our home.

Plus, Glen brother, Uncle Ronnie, came to visit, and all the boys (Glen, Ron and Iain) had an epic Nerf dart-gun battle.

Iain, showing off his weapons cache.

Our family always puts up our tree and Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving, so that added to the excitement of the day.

One tree in the living room (above) as a more formal one, and one in the family room (below) for the kids to have free reign in decorating. It may seem like overkill to have two trees in adjacent rooms, but we had a bonus room on the second floor of our other house and the smaller tree went up there, and instead of getting rid of it, we chose to put it up. It adds to the festive feel of the house, and the kids love having their own tree to decorate.

I hope that everyone who braved the wet weather for Black Friday sales found what they were looking for, and that everyone stayed safe. As for me, at 5:00 a.m. I was thankful for being in my warm bed. :)