Christmas Thoughts

We did the "Thanksgiving Box" in November, so I decided to do a "Blessings Box" for Christmas. I found this one in my stash, and it is already labeled for me. :) I cut up some scrap squares of wrapping paper, and we all write our name on one and a blessing that we are thankful for and fold it up. This is the first year doing this, so I think we'll open it Christmas Eve and read them before we watch "The Polar Express."

I haven't scheduled a family Christmas picture yet. We all would like to see the Narnia movie, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" (which I think is out this Saturday...probably should check that, first), so I might schedule a picture session before we go to a matinee. I'm not concerned about getting them out with Christmas cards this year. In fact, I'm not feeling driven to mail cards, period.

I've been reading a book, "The Last of the Giants," by George Otis, Jr., which our Pastor referenced during a recent Sunday message. In it, the author talks about materialism as a religion, and how "Mammon" is its god. That has ruffled my feathers and convicted me greatly, as I'm a big retail therapy person. Or, maybe it's just that "gifts" are my love language (which would mean I've been exercising much self-love lately...).

I have justified my buying in many ways -- I'm getting things for the kids (i.e., books for homeschooling), I'm decorating the house, etc. But, I've known for a while that my spending bugs my husband, even though he has never said much nor forbidden me to buy anything.

I've never bought greatly expensive gifts for my kids (my husband is the big-purchase kind of guy), but I do like to give (and get!) gifts-- so I like to buy a lot of little, but meaningful, things. It is hard for me to reign myself in, when I have set a limit of three gifts per child, plus stocking stuffers.

Having said all this, I've been feeling a little melancholy this Christmas. I almost feel ambivalent about the holiday, which sounds terrible coming from a Christian. That is one thing that motivated me to do the box mentioned above, so I can focus on all that we have, and to try to turn our focus toward our blessings versus our wants.


  1. Speaking as a fellow retail therapist...i hear ya. I had a limit of 4 gifts per kid and already broke it. I think I'm at 6 now, which isn't horrible but you know what I mean. I find a good deal and it's hard to pass up. The blessings box is a great idea. I also got that book you suggested "Teaching your kids with Scripture", and it suggests walking thru your house with you kids and showing them needs and wants...I'm going to do that. My kids (because I bought them something whenever I went help them "feel better" about Adam's deployment) are now spoiled, wanting everything, and not thankful for what they have. So I'm really going to try that. Maybe it will remind me too. i'll be praying for you friend, we can even keep eachother accountable if you would like. after the holidays lets plan a lunch or something. I'd love to catch up!


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