Happy Birthday, Glen!

Here's my handsome 42 year old man...but, since I'm almost three years older, I can never tease him about his age. He just says, "You lead the way, baby!" (It isn't fair...)

Glen and I started dating in July of 1998, and he turned thirty that December. To surprise him, I took him to Pittsburgh to eat at Le Mont, and then we saw the Pittsburgh Ballet perform The Nutcracker. Fun times.

It is harder to get away this time of year when you need a sitter for three kids, so we usually celebrate at home. Glen had to work today, but the rest of us worked to fix him a Scottish meal (steak with claret and anchovies (but I substituted sardines), roasted red potatoes and garlicky sauteed spinach--it was yummy!).

We decorated the dining room in green, Glen's favorite color. (This is the favorite part for the Campbell kids.)

And instead of birthday cake, I made him a Scottish steamed orange marmalade pudding. It really is a small, domed cake, but it is called a pudding because it cooks in a water bath in a stock pot. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I will post one later when I make it again.

Sara was disappointed that Daddy only got one present, and that it was boring (some specialty beer glasses). She is our party girl and she loves presents!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! We all love you very much! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Glen! Wish I would've known that when I saw you today.
    Sounds like it was a great celebration!


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