A Dozen Years!

Today, my precious husband and I celebrate 12 years together. My, how time has went by quickly! We got married in 1999, on a snowy day much worse than today. My husband carried me up to our apartment house (just down the road from where we live today), through the deep snow. He had candles and roses everywhere. It was very romantic.

Shortly after we were married, I had to work late one evening and called to tell Glen I'd be home around 7:30 or so. He told me not to worry, he would cook for me. I remember thinking that was wonderful, since I would have eaten cereal had I still been single. Little did I know just how wonderful it would be! I came home to a fire in the fireplace, classical music softly playing, and a dinner of poached salmon, creamed peas and rice. It was the best meal I think I've ever had, because of the memory attached to it. :)

It can be so hard for two different people to commit to live together for the rest of their days on earth--irreconcilable differences are a given. But God specializes in the impossible, and I am beyond thankful that Glen and I made our covenant of marriage with Him.

Glen and I have been through an amazing journey in our dozen years together. We've been blessed with three beautiful children, a wonderful home, and grace beyond measure. Our love for God, and each other, are the glue that has kept us together in the midst of our trials.


  1. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful, well deserving people!

  2. happy anniversary!!! cherish those early memories, and make many new ones!!!


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