Book Review: 150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking, by Mary E. DeMuth

This tiny little book (it measures about 6" x 4") is packed full of questions designed to be conversation starters. With its small size, it is perfect for tucking into your purse or pocket to take along on trips.

If you feel like your kids are growing too quickly and you are overwhelmed with how to keep your family connected, this book is a great place to start cultivating a great family time together.

Each chapter begins with some prose by the author, Mary E. DeMuth. Her writing voice is engaging and friendly and makes you want to read the questions that follow. Ms. DeMuth believes in conversational parenting and the importance of eating family dinners together at a table, which endeared me to her!

The book is divided into ten chapters:

1. Back Then

2. The Big Today

3. Aspirations

4. Describe

5. Recount or List

6. Philosophical Questions

7. If

8. All About Others

9. Actions and Choices

10. You and Your World

Each chapter has fifteen questions, a great deal of which garnered short responses from my kids (mine are all under age 10). But, admittedly, I was going through some of the questions like a checklist. I think most of them are thought-provoking enough to get some deeper conversation going, but the questions are more like kindling that needs nursed by you, the parent, to get a roaring fire of discussion going.

Some questions are silly or superficial, like What zoo animal would you like to be?, while some are more designed for older children, such as What type of person will you marry? or What college would you like to go to?

I liked the questions that sparked other questions, such as What is Grace? and Is driving faster than the speed limit always wrong? and What does it mean to be addicted to something?

I recommend this book to those parents who are looking for some ways to get their kids to open up and talk with them.

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I received this book for free from the publisher, Harvest House, in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review.