Book Review: Sequin Bible--Pink

The translation of this Bible is the International Children's Bible, which is obviously written with the comprehension level of children in mind. While this is not an adult study Bible, it isn't a toddler's super-loosely paraphrased version, either. It is written in clear, straightforward language that my young daughter can easily read and understand. I wouldn't want my pre-teen to use it for memorization or study, but it is okay for my youngest daughter.

This Bible is almost the size of my Inductive Study Bible NASB version, which makes the font size more eye-friendly according to my ten-year-old daughter, but the cover is more appealing to my six-year-old.

It does have a cute cover, but I was disappointed that the detail wasn't as good as it seemed it would be from the picture. There are a few appliques on the cover but the bulk of the design is from the print of the material. Even so, my youngest daughter is still excited about her new Bible and she said that it helped to make this one of her best days ever. :)

While it is okay for the uses I mentioned above, I wouldn't buy it now that I've seen one. The printed material the cover is made from has an unpleasant, scratchy feel, not soft like leather or simulated leather.

I received this Bible for free from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.