Praise Report!

I prayed yesterday morning, before going into the hospital for the scope, and I told God that I would like for the doctor to find nothing, for me to be completely healed. Even so, I told Him that I want whatever He wants, and He was free to have His way in me. I guess because I'm older, and I have three young children, the reality of possible complications were weighing on my mind. (I kept hearing the doctor say that my esophagus could rupture while it was being stretched. Ugh.) So, as I prayed, I surrendered everything--my husband, my kids, my life.

When I got there, they let me keep my clothes on (which was a nice surprise...I expected to have to wear just a gown), and I put a gown over my top. Then they started the IV (the worst part, really--I HATE needles), and, since I was first, they wheeled me right into the procedure room. They put me on my left side and started the medicine, and the room suddenly tilted to one side and my eyes kept rolling around. They said they would give me more when the doc got there, and I couldn't imagine how that would feel.

The rest is hazy...swallowing some clear gel stuff to numb my throat, the doc telling me to swallow the scope (which felt like a huge straw, even with the numbing, but I didn't care). I was in and out of it during the procedure, but I was aware of the scope while he moved it up and down. It wasn't that bad, and it only took about 10 - 15 minutes. Once they removed the scope, I must have fell right to sleep, because I don't remember being wheeled back to my room.

Then came the news...good news!

The doctor said everything was clean as a whistle--my throat, my esophagus and my stomach! He didn't even find any blisters on my vocal chords or any evidence of damage due to reflux. Thank You, Jesus!!

I was VERY woozy yesterday from the sedation, and I still feel a slight bit of hangover from it today. My throat is a little sore from the procedure, but I'm so very thankful for the results, and to everyone who prayed for me!

God is Faithful!