Random Pictures...and a new family member!

These are in date order...

My friend, Liz, made this rustic plum tart for our homeschool group's Thanksgiving day celebration. I googled a recipe because this is probably my favorite sweet thing! This is one that I made for our family Thanksgiving dinner. The buttery crust makes it delicious, and the prep is very easy. (I need to put this on my cooking blog.)

After watching the Westminster AKC dog show on TV a few months ago, my kids were inspired to do a dog show play.

My sweet, albeit goofy, son turned 8 on March 21st. The ice cream cake that Iain picked out was a hit with everyone.

Iain's favorite gift is his Lego Batman Wii game. He's a master at it, although he regularly feeds Batman to the alligators because it makes his sisters laugh.

My sweet baby girl is growing so quickly. She has lost two more teeth on the bottom since I took this picture last month. Her first day of soccer her new coach looked at her, gasped, and then said, "Oh no! You have to have teeth [if you want to play soccer]!" In response, she acted bashful --which is very unlike our Sara.

And now...here's our newest family member...Jacob Bob Campbell

He's a 2-year-old black pug that we rescued from a shelter in Tridelphia (near Wheeling). Isn't he a cutie?

He was a wiggle worm for Sara. We'll put up another picture with Sara and Jacob later.

Begging for a snack from "poppy."

But apparently Jacob didn't hold it against him for not sharing.

Jacob acts like a baby in my arms. The kids think it's funny because they want to play with or hold him, and he keeps running back to me and jumping in my lap while I'm typing this.

Although I don't necessarily consider myself a dog person, I must say that this little guy has endeared himself to me. :)