Such A Good Dog

Okay, this little guy is really growing on me. He is housebroken, knows basic commands, plays with vigor and then naps with equal intensity, and he acts like he's always been ours. Plus, he's just so cute!

The only problem I had with him was his hysterical barking when we'd crate him at night. So, we caved in and let him sleep with Kyla last night. He hopped onto her bed and lay down like that's what he's always done, sleeping through the night without a problem.

"Can it really be this easy?" I asked Glen, last night.


"Letting him sleep with Kyla."

"Yes," he said, smiling.

Since I was so against getting another dog, I have to believe this is God's grace, or a divine appointment or something. Whatever it is, I have no regrets about going to get this little guy.