Pictures of Kyla

This trip down memory lane was inspired by a class at church that Kyla is graduating from. A Powerpoint presentation is played during the ceremony, and I had to gather a collection of photos for it. It amazes me how quickly time passes. I'm so thankful for pictures.

Kyla is around one year old in this picture. It makes me weepy, since she's going to be eleven this summer and the time has just flown by.

She has just turned two years old here. This expression is a popular one with her. In fact, she makes this face when I mention math.

Here she is lovin' on our old brown dog, Aiken. He was such a good dog with our kids. Kyla misses him less now that we have the new dog, but he still has a special place in her heart.

Kyla is horrified by this picture, since she most definitely does not care about dressing up or fashion. She likes to wear what she likes, and a tiara and pearls are not her thing. But, once upon a time she loved being a princess. I remember taking this picture. I was very pregnant with Iain, and I fell asleep in bed while Kyla was "reading" her Angelina Ballerina book to me. She sneaked out and made herself up, complete with Crayola-marker lipstick, and woke me up to ask if I thought she looked pretty.

Kyla is three in this picture, and she is showing off her new shades. Sunglasses and hats -- oh-so-many hats -- were a few of her favorite things long ago.

Here she is at her seventh birthday party. See how pretty she looks with her hair up? (Although she said, "I look weird there.")She has a ring around her mouth from her cake's icing. For a few years, she went through a phase where she would leave a colored ring around her mouth from everything she ate, even her chewable vitamin. Then she'd have a chapped ring from licking her lips so much.

For her eighth birthday, Kyla was torn between My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop, so she got some of both themes. Today, she makes fun of herself for ever liking the ponies. (sigh)

Kyla's first purse. It is covered with butterflies, which she loved then. We hatched out ten Monarch butterflies the summer of 2008, and nine of them lived.

We also hatched out a black swallowtail. After they hatch, the butterflies love to climb all over the place while their wings are drying, so you can get great pictures like this one.

Kyla is eight here, and she liked her outfit she put together and wanted me to take her picture. She's so precious.

Here's Kyla with our old brown hound. We had just moved in to our Troy Lane home a few months earlier.

Kyla with Peggy, the Littlest Pet Shop plush Penguin

Kyla and Sara both got their faces painted at our church's Harvest Fest last year. We were going to let them do it at Idlewild, but it cost between $9-$20 per face! That's crazy!

Here's my big girl trying her hand at roasting her own marshmallow last summer. It would often catch fire, and she'd scream and make that open-mouth face (see above).

And here's a beautifully creepy garden spider that Kyla found. I was praying that I wouldn't fall face first into the web while taking the picture. I admit I was feeling a little sweaty at the prospect.

My sweet ten year old got her ears pierced for her tenth birthday last year. I was so proud of her. It took those women forever to get both ears lined up to do them together. Kyla was very brave, but Iain and Sara were a mess worrying about her.

And here's Kyla with her new dog, Jacob. I've been calling him J-Pug, and it sounds enough like Jacob that he listens.

There are things that I've enjoyed about each phase so far in the life of my children. Newborns are so sweet and kissable, and they don't push you away. And I loved breastfeeding my babies--not just knowing I was giving them good stuff, but the cuddle time was wonderful, too. And then the toddler phase, where everything is so new and amazing and they are soaking things in rapidly. I loved how my kids all made me notice the small things that I tended to overlook in my hurry to get big-people stuff done. And now, I love how I can have conversations with my kids, and they come up with some pretty amazing things to say to me.

For someone who was told she would never have any children, God has certainly blessed me richly! I am so thankful for my Campbell kids--all three of them!