Princess Kyla

The Missionettes Celebration was held last night at our church, with over 200 people attending. The Honor Star crowning is the highlight of the evening, and our beautiful Kyla was among the girls that were honored.

The Bible that she carried down the aisle was donated by Women's Ministry.

Iain was Kyla's crown bearer.

To demonstrate what the girls learned as Stars, they were asked a question. Kyla's question was to name three beliefs in our Statement of Faith. All of the girls did a great job.

The girls were presented their "Honor Star" sashes by their moms, and the dads placed the crowns upon their heads.

After the girls were crowned, they joined Lindsey Porter on the stage to sing "You Are All I Need," by Bethany Dillon. Their crowns were so sparkly; they looked beautiful, and they sounded great!

After the crowning was finished in the sanctuary, we all came to the Fellowship Hall for a reception, where the girls got to sit at the head table.

Each girl had their own gourmet cupcake, and Kyla chose Black Forest. It was so full of cherries that it was leaning to one side. :)

Everyone else was able to enjoy a mixture of white, yellow and chocolate cupcakes, beautifully prepared by Linda Dudash, of Cakes With a Personal Touch, Plus.

Kyla does not like to dress up or to look like a princess, so she was annoyed that everyone kept telling her that she looked like one. Conversely, Sara kept saying, "Kyla is so lucky!" because she wanted to be the one dressing up. Sara will be in second grade next year, and it is the fifth grade girls who crown, so it won't be long. However, I'm not in a big hurry for her to get to that point. (sigh)