Helpful Pamphlets for End-Times Study

Did you know there are FIVE views on when the rapture will happen? You will if you read this informational pamphlet by Ron Rhodes.

With respect for different perspectives, Rhodes answers important questions including:

What is the tribulation period and why is that at the center of the debate?
Which Bible verses do the different views emphasize?
What are the main points of difference and similarity among the views?
Why is understanding the Rapture important to the Christian faith?
How can believers have faith-building conversations with those of different views?

While this won't necessarily make you decide on a particular view, it is helpful to know the different perspectives, so we can be respectful of others when discussing end-time events.

With all the chaos going on in the world today, have you thought about America's role in end-time events? Rhodes cuts through the confusion and reveals answers to the most pertinent, timely questions including:

How does the United States resemble past civilizations, and why is this relevant to the future?
Which verses are used to support the idea that the U.S. is indirectly mentioned in Scripture?
Should believers be afraid of what the future holds for them and their descendants?
How does this topic influence how Christians should live out their faith today?

This excellent, brief exploration of prophecy as it relates to America will help believers rest in God’s truth and sovereignty even when questions about the future arise. A great study tool for individuals and groups of believers or seekers.

If you are studying end-time events, or just curious about the future, both of these pamphlets are good resources to add to your library.

Thanks to Harvest House for giving me complimentary copies of each, in exchange for an honest review.