We love for Uncle Ronnie to visit from Ohio. Glen's brother was in this past Saturday, so he got to see Glen play the bagpipes at Mt. Zion Cemetery for a local family, and then he spent some time being worn out by the Campbell kids. Iain was waiting for him in the driveway with his new, long-range Nerf blaster locked and loaded. A heated battle ensued once Ron arrived. Later that evening, Sara had Uncle Ronnie read to her. :)

Tonight, Iain made the entree for our dinner, Spicy-Honey Chicken. He did all the work, except putting the chicken in the oven, and it was delicious! Teaching my children how to cook is one thing that I incorporate into my homeschool routine. I knew how to heat-up canned things and how to fry an egg when I went out on my own, and I wasn't highly confident in those abilities. Everything I've learned has been through trial and error, and tears. Hopefully, my children will eat more than Ramen Noodles and canned veggies -- or take out -- when they venture out on their own. :)