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Last month, we all went to see the Fairmont State production of "Aristocats," which had our friend's daughter among the cast members. It was great fun, and our only complaint was that it was too short.

Inspired by the cat theme, the Campbell kids made their own musical yesterday. I tried to upload the video, but for some reason blogger won't let me do it. Maybe later...

The cast:

Kyla-Scarlet cat

Iain-Tiger Cat

Sara-Lightening Cat

Earlier in the week, I took a moment to rest and Sara decided to play makeup artist with me.

Sara the makeup artist

Kyla joined in, and things got a little crazy. Do you think they have a future in this profession?

Mommy, the subject

It was a beautiful day outside yesterday, and this skipper butterfly was visiting one of my hanging baskets:

I spent some time reading outside yesterday. I'm working on Charles Dickens' "Bleak House," among other things. What are you reading now?


  1. just finished a book on parenting and am starting...'dont waste your life' by john piper

    i think that makeup might not be your best look! ha.

  2. Selena,
    Just catching up on your blog! Love the pictures, science, cooking, reading, visiting, etc... You are doing an awesome job. Enjoy your life! Hey, love the make-up job!


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