Critters In Our Yard and Other Pictures

This is the groundhog, affectionately named "Peaches" by Kyla, who lives on the perimeter of our yard. He was right outside our back window munching on the abundance of clover in our yard.

This is a Hummingbird Moth. They beat their wings and hover just like a hummingbird, hence their name.

Kyla, the butterfly & moth whisperer...

Here's a mom and her twins that have been enjoying some nibbles from our garden when we forget to spray it with invisible fence. They are nonchalantly crossing our side yard. If you go outside to scare them away, they look at you like you are bringing them something to eat. If only the neighbors would stop feeding them...

Our round garden, where we planted tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Shortly after taking this picture, our lettuces bolted, shooting up about a foot! They looked impressive, but unfortunately had a bitter tang after that.

Our rectangle garden. This is our corn, which is much taller now because we've had a couple days of rain since I took this picture. We also have cucumbers, squash, peas, beans. Also, potatoes that we've already harvested. I LOVE growing--and eating--my own food. There's nothing that tastes better than fresh food from your own garden. :)

I haven't posted a picture of our side yard since we first moved in, so I thought I'd post this one. The ruts that the contractors made when we had our concrete and drain work done are mostly gone, and the grass looks very nice. Our friends recently had an in-ground pool installed, and the heat was causing me to lust after one for myself. But, when weighing the cost--and my desire for a remodeled kitchen--I think the kitchen will win out. Although, I do love to swim...

This is a "before" picture of our garage door. It has not been able to support the tugging force of the opener lately, which resulted in the door only opening about two feet, at most. Yes, that was annoying. So we bought a new door!

We wanted to dress up this side of the house with a carriage-style door, complete with nicely arched windows, but the top row of panels is not fully visible in the opening (and the windows would be partially covered). So, we got a door without windows, but we will install the carriage hardware. Capital Doors is busily working to change the door right now, so I'll post an "after" picture when they are done. I'm so excited to be able to press the opener and have the door go up all the way!