Good News, Bad News, and God with Us

Good news, first!

This is Daisy, the newest addition to our family. She's five weeks old, pure Lab, and we get to take her home at the end of August.

The puppies were feeling lazy from the heat, but they were still playful.

This little black puppy is pulling the leg of Iain's shorts.

Here's Mama Bella, being attacked by some hungry nursers. She's losing her hair, and they said the vet told them she'd be stressed. Nursing twelve (12!) puppies? Yes, I'd be stressed too. And in this heat...but she's such a sweet dog and a good mother.

Now, the bad news...

Yeah. Ouch.

We were rear-ended last night, while waiting on Rt 73 for someone to turn left into Nixon Trailer Park (we were headed to Saltwell Rd. Exit of I79) . A pickup truck came flying up behind us and slammed into us so hard it opened the inside cover of our moon light and moved our side mirrors out of alignment.

All five of us were in the van, with Sara being in the third row passenger seat. She got the brunt of the impact, but she's doing well. In fact, we are all doing great this morning, praise God!

I was driving and saw him coming, but it all happened so fast that I couldn't do anything to move (plus there was a car in front of me). Anyway, God's hand was upon us. The pickup driver got off to the right so he didn't hit us square, which could have been much worse. The State Trooper that came to the scene was playing KLOVE on his radio while he was filling out the accident report with me.

I called my mom to tell her that we'd been in the accident and she said that she'd been praying for all of us all day, for some reason. Now she knew why. :)

God is always with us, and nothing surprises Him. I was tempted to play the "what-if?" game with myself, but I shrugged it off and decided to trust God and His Sovereignty. He knew when we got up yesterday that we would get in that accident.

After reading to my children Corrie Ten Boom's book, The Hiding Place, and hearing her and her sister be thankful for fleas (and what a blessing they ended up being) I choose to be thankful for this accident, and for God's will, whatever it is in this situation.

"In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus," (1 Thessalonians 5:18).


  1. So glad to hear you guys are ok after the car incident. I can't believe you're ready to "do puppy" again!

  2. excited to meet your puppy....and inpsired again to be thankful "even for the fleas" in my own life! I'm glad you are all ok. God's hand is indeed on us even when we don't see it.


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