And They Call It Puppy Love?

My mom came over yesterday so I could take her to the eye doctor. She had her eyes dilated a few weeks ago, and she was having a checkup. I live very close to her doctor's office (at Fairmont General), so she spends time with us when she's done with her appointment, until her eyes are back to normal for her to drive home.

When grandma saw her newest "grandchild," she grabbed Daisy up and snuggled her close, and just made all over her. I'm standing in the background, rolling my eyes. Or, were they just lolling in my head from fatigue? Maybe a little of both.

We have had Daisy since Saturday, and she hasn't been sleeping well. At least not at night. She wants to sleep during the day and bark, howl, yell, yowl all night. (I think I remember praying for more patience, recently.)

I think the term "Puppy Love" came into being for relationships because of the way people get into puppy ownership because they are cute, but then they end up being trouble. (This is coming from the non-dog person in this house...I'm sure my daughter would correct my interpretation.)

Grandma only had one eye dilated yesterday, so she left fairly quickly. As she was gathering her things, I said, "Don't forget your dog!"

She just laughed as she walked out the door, sans puppy.

And so, here we are again at 4:00 a.m. Although, I will say that Daisy went for five hours without an accident last night--even amid much noise making. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. :)