Ears to Hear

"But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear," (Matthew 13:16 NASB).

I really hate it when someone doesn't listen to me. It is a problem that I have frequently, and I think it is partly because I talk too much. Some who know me
well will be happy to learn that God is working on me about that.

However, when I'm talking to someone and they are obviously distracted, or they are looking past me to see who may be walking by, I feel hurt and rejected. Sometimes my husband will not be listening, and when I stop talking, he doesn't even realize that I quit in mid-thought.


And sometimes he will just leave the room while I'm talking--my kids do this, too--and I'll be honest with you: It makes me want to cuss.

And I'm wondering if God feels a similar way when we don't listen to what He tells us (not the cussing part). There are numerous examples in the Bible of how people didn't do what God told them to, and they got into trouble. I'm not suggesting that my words are so wisdom-laden that they will save all those around me from trouble. But, it does hurt when my words are disregarded or ignored.

God has been dealing with me about grace, and how much He loves me and that I can't mess that up. So, loving me that much, I can only imagine that it hurts Him when I ignore what He says.

Food for thought: Sometimes we just need to listen.