Finally, after much debate and discussion, a fix for our garage door problem was found, and we were able to have arched windows, after all--yeay!



We have carriage-style hardware to put on the door--faux door handles for the center of the door, and black faux hinges for the edges--but we haven't decided for sure if we will install them. We'll put them up with double-stick tape first, before drilling any holes, to see how they look.

Meanwhile, Daisy the puppy is the center of attention inside the house...

It is amazing to me how big my kids are getting. Iain is 100% muscle, and Sara is looking more like a young lady than my baby girl. And I keep reminding myself that Kyla just turned 11, not 14.

Daisy likes to sleep...unless it is time for us to go to bed and she has to go in her crate. She doesn't like that so much. I was up at 4:30 yesterday and this morning (after going to bed between 10:30-11 both nights), so I was feeling high fatigue today. Kyla got up with me, too, so I let her sleep on the floor with Daisy while I went back to bed...

...and I slept until 8:30 when my girls surprised me with breakfast in bed as a belated birthday present. Hot tea and toast with butter and strawberry jam--yummy! I was 45 yesterday, and I'm not afraid to own it. I feel and look better today than I did when I was 21. :)


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